By  Tony Dawson


Sleepless nights as we toss and turn,
Filled with thoughts our brains just churn.
Insomnia means you just can't sleep,
Though you reach five hundred counting sheep.

Relaxation is the name of the game.
This is the moment you must proclaim
Relieve your stress from those examinations,
Dump those negative hallucinations.

Think good thoughts you lay down to sleep.
Negative vibrations must never creep
Into your brain - flood them out,
Just let your imagination laugh and shout


D is for Dreadful like most diet foods taste,
I for Invisible the way we want our waist.
E means Eating less which just makes us weak,
T is for Thighs so thin we should freak.
I is also for Irksome which most diets are,
N for Nutrition from a big chocolate bar.
G for a good feed of pigs head and cabbage
When you finish a diet you eat like a savage.